Blanaid Salkeld: Irish Woman Poet

Blanaid Salkeld was born in Chittagong in 1880 but lived most of her adult life in Dublin. As well as being a poet she was an actor and playwright. She also wrote reviews for The Dublin Magazine, including a perceptive one of The Pisan Cantos. This poem is from her 1937 book the engine is left running, which was illustrated by her son the artist Cecil ffrench Salkeld and published by their own Gayfield Press.  Her grand-daughter Beatrice married Brendan Behan.

nothing else:
darkness has leaked
in and in on itself,
to a streak –
night’s essence,
across white stone,
once the sun.
No space   time   movement:
immortal moment.

Time, the meddler,
will rip, unravel
this strip, denseness,
dark validity;
after space, being elder,
sets in rapidity
stone to travel,
spin, with influences,
out of solidity –
high – hot – bright:
Day.   Night.