Rhoda Coghill: Irish Woman Poet

Rhoda Coghill, 1903-2000, was a pianist, composer, teacher, broadcaster and poet. She worked as the official accompanist in Radio Éireann for 30 years from 1939 and wrote a number of vocal pieces, the most notable of which is her 1923 setting of Whitman’s Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Rocking for tenor, chorus and orchestra. She contributed poems to The Dublin Magazine, The Bell, The Irish Press and the Irish Times and her first collection, The Bright Hillside (Dublin, Hodges, Figgis, 1946) had an introduction by Seamus O’Sullivan (editor of The Dublin Magazine) and admired by Austin Clarke. She produced one other collection, Time is a Squirrel,  which was ‘printed for the author at The Dolmen Press’.

Feet is taken from The Bright Hillside.


I walk among the straws and the twigs;
I see a moss-covered twig,
I see an orange stone;
And my feet say to me:
“Do not walk on them,
But leave them, that others may see them,
And know that we have seen them also.”


2 thoughts on “Rhoda Coghill: Irish Woman Poet

  1. I have recently discovered Ms Coghill in a collection called The Oxford Book of Irish Verse chosen by Donagh MacDonagh and Lennox Robinson. I would be overjoyed to read more of her work. Alas, Time is a Squirrel appears to have disappeared completely from the face of the earth.


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