Winifred M. Letts: Irish Woman Poet

Winifred M. Letts (1882-1972) was born in Manchester, spent her childhood holidays in Ireland moved to Ireland when she was 16, living there until after her husband died in 1943 (with thanks to Bairbre for her comment/correction). She was a poet, novelist, playwright and masseuse. Spring the Cheat comes from her 1917 collection The Spires of Oxford, And Other Poems. Most of the poems in the collection are concerned with World War I.


THE wych-elm shakes its sequins to the ground,
With every wind the chestnut blossoms fall:
Down by the stream the willow-warblers sing,
And in the garden to a merry sound
The mown grass flies. The fantail pigeons call
And sidle on the roof; a murmuring
Of bees about the woodbine-covered wall,
A child’s sweet chime of laughter this is spring.
Luminous evenings when the blackbird sways
Upon the rose and tunes his flageolet,
A sea of bluebells down the woodland ways,
O exquisite spring, all this and yet and yet
Kinder to me the bleak face of December
Who gives no cheating hopes, but says “Remember.”


2 thoughts on “Winifred M. Letts: Irish Woman Poet

  1. Winifred letts was born in Broughton, Manchester, spent her holidays in Ireland, moved to Ireland at age 16 to attend school and lived in Kent for some years following the death of her husband in 1943.


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