Mary Monck: Irish Woman Poet

Mary Monck (c. 1678 – 1715) was the daughter of Robert Molesworth of Swords, Co. Dublin, who later became the 1st Viscount Molesworth. She married George Monck, an Irish MP who appears to have had mental health issues. She wrote for her own pleasure and none of her poems were published until her father had most of them collected after her death.

On a Romantick Lady

This poring over your Grand Cyrus
Must ruin you, and will quite tire us.
It makes you think, that an affront ’tis,
Unless your lover’s an Orontes,
And courts you with a passion frantick,
In manner and in stile romantick.
Now tho’ I count myself no Zero,
I don’t pretend to be an hero.
Or a by-blow of him that thunders,
Nor are you one of the sev’n wonders.
But a young damsel very pretty,
And your true name is Mistress Betty.



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