Marguerite A. Power: Irish Woman Poet

Marguerite A. Power (1815?–1867) was a poet, novelist and travel writer. She also wrote a memoir of her aunt, Marguerite, countess of Blessington. Virginia’s Hand was a book-length poem that was influenced by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Aurora Leigh.

from Virginia’s Hand


Book I.


Canto I – Opening


In one who worships Beauty in all forms

The sight is quickened, learns to penetrate

Through all disguises, sees the self-same soul

Pervading, more or less, a million types

Oft varied in their semblance, as the shapes

Of Aphrodite and the loathsome hag,

The laidly Ladye of the chronicle.


Thence spring great joys, wondrous discoveries,

Strong sympathies, rare instincts, hints as strange,

Analogies, suggestions, liftings up

Though for a moment only, of the veil

Between the known and the yet unrevealed.


Would this were all — the only consequence

Of quickened vision; but in this wide world,

This wondrous world, where everything begins

And nothing ends, — this workshop, where we all

Must serve a stern apprenticeship to God,

Or else to Satan — which requires less pains, —

The good and evil are as closely mixt

As were the grains the jealous Paphian queen

Bid Psyche separate ere Hesper rose.



2 thoughts on “Marguerite A. Power: Irish Woman Poet

  1. You know , Billy, I have spent some years writing book-length work and facing rejection because I tried to portion out related sequences in order to have them ‘fit’ with Irish style submissions – I gave up. The book-length poems were published independently by Oneiros Books. I hate giving up tbh, but I cannot think of a more narrow, corsetted ,and unimaginative creature than the poetry editor. I am glad that things are changing slowly and that more people are exploring using online, but there is still the neglect of Irish women poets to address.

    Thanks for the blog, always enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

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