Elizabeth Shane: Irish Woman Poet

Elizabeth Shane was the pseudonym of Gertrude Elizabeth Heron Hind (1877 – 1951). Born in Belfast, she was a musician, dramatist and poet. Her three collections were Tales of the Donegal Coast and Islands (1921); By Bog and Sea in Donegal (1923); and Piper’s Tunes (from Down and Antrim) (1927). A Collected Poems in two volumes appeared in in 1945.

Wee Hughie
He’s gone to school, wee Hughie,
An’ him not four,
Sure I saw the fright was in him
When he left the door.
But he took a hand o’ Denny,
An’ a hand o’ Dan,
Wi’ Joe’s owld coat upon him –
Och the poor wee man!
He cut the quarest figure,
More stout not thin:
An’ trotting right and steady
Wi’ his toes turned in.
I watched him to the corner
O’ the big turf stack,
An’ the more his feet went forrit,
Still his head turned back.
I followed to the turnin’
When they passed it by,
God help him he was cryin’,
An’, maybe, so was I.


4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Shane: Irish Woman Poet

  1. Another peep through that window into our childhood ; back to the sounds and blooming confusion of that always remembered first day at school ,

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  2. This was a favourite at church socials when I was a child in the fifties. I only discovered Elizabeth Shane when I found her Pipers Tunes amongst my late fathers possessions.
    Another time altogether !

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