Rebecca Scott: Irish Woman Poet

Rebecca Scott was born into a Donegal family of weaving factory owners. She published two volumes of poetry, A Glimpse of Spring (Dublin, 1870) and  Echoes from Tyrconnel (Derry, 1880).

I cannot tell if ever love
Has dwelt within this wayward breast,
But if he did, he has not been
A frequent nor abiding guest.
But once, I dreamt a gorgeous dream
Of some far off delightsome land;
Wherein a tall majestic form
Moved by my side and held my hand,
And mingling with the joyous strains
Of myriad birds, from countless trees.
Of cooing doves, and murmuring brooks.
And soft, harmonious hum of bees,
The sammer zephyr’s soft sweet sigh,
The dancing fountains tinkling fall,
Came the clear accents of a voice,
More dear, more musical, than all.
And from a cloudless, deep blue sky
A glorious summer sun beamed fair.
And luscious fruits, and fadeless flowers,
And rich, resplendent gems were there:
A land of deep, bewildering bliss.
Of light, and melody, and bloom.
Whose every scene was loveliness.
Whose zephyrs’ odorous with perfume.
But brighter, dearer, sweeter far
Than fadeless flowers and cloudless skies.
Than summer sun, or evening star.
Beamed forth the light of soft brown eyes.
And though that radiant dream has passed,
Since then has never ceased to shine
Upon my path the ‘wildering light
Of soft brown eyes resembling thine.
Though from my slumber rudely waked,
When thou art near me, still I seem
To see the tall, majestic form
That walked beside me in my dream.
And when upon my waking sense
The accents of thy sweet voice fall,
I seem to recognise the tones
Which made my dreamland musical.


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