The City Itself out Today

My new book, The City Itself, is published by Hesterglock Press today and is now available to buy from their site. With thanks to Paul and Sarer, and to Catherine Walsh for the splendid cover photo.



6 thoughts on “The City Itself out Today

  1. Wishing you well and will indeed buy and read your new book. Not been home for years but try to keep up with Irish cultural matters. On a visit home around 1988 I heard you read in a pub in Dorset Street on a Sunday afternoon. All of us were far younger then and those readings were very professional and done out of love for poetry. That era is sadly long ended with no amateurs anymore.

    Jim in Kyle Texas

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    1. Thanks, Jim. I remember that reading. We were living in Barcelona and back for a short holiday. Those days are indeed sadly gone, and the ‘professionalism’ that has replaced them is not always an improvement.
      I hope you enjoy the book; do let me know.



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