Alicia Jane Sparrow: Irish Woman Poet

Alicia Jane Sparrow (? – 1858) was born in Killabeg, Enniscorthy, Wexford and apparently died at a relatively early age. She published widely in journals and anthologies in Ireland, the UK and the USA. The Exile’s Lament appeared in Friendship’s Offering, and Winter’s Wreath: a Christmas and New Year’s Present, which was published in London in 1844.


Farewell to the shore where my father is sleeping!

Oh, sweet and unbroken his rest may it be!

Farewell to the home where my mother is weeping

Her first-born — her dearest — alas! alien me!

Far away from the friends whom I loved in my childhood.

Estranged from the hearts that I clung to of yore,

I will seek me a rest in the desert or wild-wood.

And my country and kindred shall see me no more!


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