Work in the latest issue of Icarus

Some sections from a work in progress called Uncertain Songs appears in the latest issue of Icarus magazine. Icarus is a student literary magazine from Trinity College, Dublin and has been publishing continuously since 1950. The issue is a mix of student and non-student poets and is well work a look. apart from me, the poets featured are:

Randolph Healy
Gisèle Scanlon
Colette Bryce
Alden Mathieu
Ed Salley & Leo Dunsker
Ed Salley
Sophie Fitzpatrick
Kit Fryatt
Molly-May O’Leary
Sean Pierson
Gerald Dawe
Ciar McCormick
Imaan Bari
Benjamin Keatinge
Jay Mulhall
Ciarán O’Rourke
Michelle Nicolaou
Sarah Hayden

With thanks to the editors, Leo Dunsker & Will Fleming.


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