Hannah L. Harvey: Irish Woman Poet

Hannah L Harvey was born in Waterford in 1854. A Quaker, she resigned her membership of the Society, presumably to pursue her interests in Nationalist and Suffragette politics. This poem was included in Evelyn Noble Armatige’s 1896 anthology The Quaker Poets of Great Britain and Ireland when Harvey was still alive.

The Jungfrau
About thy feet, O fair and awful maiden,

The thunders roll,

And sombre clouds, with shooting death-fires laden,

Appall the soul.

Giants with giants round thee are contending,

With mighty throes,

As though the tumult of their wrath, ascending,

Could shake thy snows.

Veiled in a robe of misty vapours streaming,

A stately queen,

Beyond the clouds thy snowy peaks are gleaming,

Unmoved, serene.

Awful as death, and glorious as a vision,

Once more they rise,

And smiling forth celestial derision,

Salute the skies.

O’er thee the lightnings flash in harmless anger,

The thunders roll,

Thou bearest, high above the tempest’s clangour,

A stainless soul!



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