Henrietta Nethercott: Irish Woman Poet

Henrietta Nethercott published two volumes of verse, Poetical Pieces of Religion and Nature (Dublin, 1856) and The Traveller’s Dream, and Other Poems (Dublin, 1859), both as Henrietta.

The Broken Spring


IN the delicate harp of your family union

Dark fingers have broken a string;

And the echoes it left when its music departed

In your hearts like a requiem ring.


But, when the glad groups of the saved are uniting,

And the discord of parting is o’er.

Oh ! the hand of its maker and master shall touch it.

And a sweetness more mellow shall pour.


For the brother ye love has been laid with the blessed;

He was true, he was tender to all;

Ah ! no wonder that oft ye will start and be lonely,

As with freshness his voice ye recall.


Let the clouds not prevail o’er the spot where he’s resting;

Let a hope be enshrin’d in each tear;

Let them arch the green grave like a rainbow at evening.

Nor decline, till the morn shall appear.


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