#GreatBigGreenWeek 18th – 26th September. Day Four. I am looking for your words/artworks/photos on Climate Change. Please join and add to the works of Caleb Parkin and Billy Mills while we explore ecopoetry. I would love to feature your #ecopoetry, your #ecoartworks, your #ecophotos your short #ecoarticles, here. Your #ClimateChangepoetry, #ClimateChangeArtworks. I will feature your work in my blog posts during this period.

With thanks to Paul for including me in his Big Green Week.

The Wombwell Rainbow

The Great Big Green Week – Day Four

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-Caleb Parkin (https://poetryfilmlive.com/the-zone/)

from imaginary gardens 1.1 Billy Mills

from imaginary gardens 1 Billy Millsfrom imaginary gardens 2 Billy Millsfrom imaginary gardens 3 Billy Millsfrom imaginary gardens 4 Billy Millsfrom imaginary gardens 5 Billy Mills

-Billy Mills

Sustainable Poetry

Everything is connected to everything else.

A bald statement to begin: most contemporary poetry is predicated on a set of unsustainable anthropocentric views of the nature of the world. That the world exists to serve as a stage set for the enactment of human dramas. That it reflects the moods of, or evoked by, the poet. That it exists only when observed. That it exists only when written.

These attitudes are, in English-language verse, at least as old as Spenser, but have enjoyed a massive resurgence thanks to postmodernist views of language as game. Interestingly both ‘mainstream’ and ‘avant-garde’ poetries tend to find common ground in this drive to subjugate the world as written to human needs and ends. The pathetic fallacy meets literary theory and nobody wins.

Other current cultural…

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