Lares/Manes: Collected Poems

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Shearsman Books published Lares/Manes: Collected Poems in 2009.millsCP100

“In addition to metapoetic explorations . . . Mills covers some very traditional poetic ground indeed: the quiet work of nature . . ., domestic love . . ., urban alienation . . . , and even, in a roundabout and refreshingly unbardic way, Irish sectarian politics.” — Robert Archambeau
“Mills is one of the not-many poets who stick with and work at “experimental” poetry . . . , which sometimes seems like a scalpel or rifleshot beside the bread-knives and blunderbusses of today.” — Books Ireland
“Billy Mills’s inventive and wry reflections on the complex relationship between language and the world will stimulate those who have grown weary of the continued dominance of the unitary lyric ‘I’ voice in Irish poetry.” — Dónal Moriarty

Download a sampler PDF of work from this book.

Price including postage: 18.00 Euro

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